Employee Responsibility

CNOOC Limited regards its employees as the most precious resource and asset. Consistently upholding the people-oriented concept of development, the Company focuses on employees’ rights and interests, constantly perfecting the labor system so as to create an environment of growth for staff and help them develop healthily. At the same time, The Company cares for employees’ physical and mental health and strives to realize the growth of both enterprise and its staff.

Employment Policies

In China, CNOOC Limited acts in strict compliance with the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment Contracts and safeguards all employee rights and interests. Overseas, the Company abides strictly by relevant laws and regulations, as well as conscientiously adhering to international conventions accepted by the Chinese government and respects the legitimate rights and interests of all employees.

Employee Rights and Interests

The Company strives to offer employees competitive compensation packages by gradually implementing the normal salary increase and allocation system that is consistent with the market. The Company has also built a comprehensive and effective social security system, which brings employees under various social insurance programs as well as a variety of supplementary insurance schemes. It also provides employees with company annuity and housing subsidies.

Employee Development

CNOOC Limited always sticks to the concept of "people-oriented" development, constantly perfecting the training system, improving employees’ growth and development system, and creating opportunities for them to continue to develop. By unrestrained talent growth channels, the Company motivates employees to realize their self-worth.

Based on different professional groups and job characteristics, the Company has identified three streams for talent cultivation systems — management (M rank), technology (T rank) and work (W rank) — which provide career development paths suitable for each employee. The Company has refined its professional title management system and talent assessment practices. With five-year talent development planning, it sets up the idea of talent development and promote the implementation of talent projects.In 2017, the Company closely integrated with the international talents plan – “13th Five-year Plan” to formulate training and exchange programs for expatriates, and to set up training indicators based on the objectives of international talent planning, and to ensure the implementation of training tasks.

Employee Health and Staff Care

CNOOC Limited adheres to the core value of “People-Oriented” which always prioritize employees' occupational health in an important position. Various measures have been taken by the Company to improve the working environment and continuously improve the occupational health management system. The full application of the Occupational Health Electronic Management System, the consistent implementation of occupation health promotion, and the full coverage of occupational health surveillance, has guaranteed the physical and mental health of CNOOC employees.

In order to help employees, maintain work-life balance, the Company offers paid annual vacation or home leave to employees, and also encourages staff to take therapeutic leave. Besides, the Company also grants a one-time settlement subsidy or comprehensive allowance and provides temporary dorms in order to help migrant employees with relocation. It has dedicated special “Mommy’s Caring House” for pregnant or breast-feeding female employees to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

The Company also fulfills its responsibilities to employees in overseas operations, giving them a safe and comfortable work environment and appropriate benefits.

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