Energy Supply

Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production

Ensuring stable supply of crude oil and natural gas is a major responsibility of the Company. Therefore, the Company has been innovating in technology, management, and equipment for a long time, and has continuously overcome exploration obstacles. In recent years, it has promoted the integration of exploration and development to achieve improvement in quality and efficiency and continuously raise the level of oil and gas development and production.

Technological Advancements

In 2017, the Company implemented the "Innovation-driven" strategy, formulated and revised management methods and regulations for the Company’s scientific research projects and scientific research platform construction project, launched the exploration and development laboratories for maritime low-permeability gas reservoirs and for unconventional oil and gas, and established China Ocean Resources Development Strategy Research Center jointly with the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Meanwhile, the Company continued to implement the coordination mechanism and strengthen joint research with research institutes to master core technologies.

Product Quality

CNOOC Limited manufactures and supplies energy products adhering strictly to domestic and international quality management standards, and also works to enhancing management quality. For quality inspections and tests of crude oil, natural gas and by-products, the Company employs professional third-party commodity inspection authorities agreed to in contracts for sampling tests or tests carried out jointly with clients, as required by national or industrial standards. Upon completion, inspection results are objectively and factually reported. We strive for open and transparent management who strictly comply to standards so as to ensure product safety and regulations are observed accordingly.

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